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 EnerFab (Pvt) Limited is the
 sole agents for GUGLER
 Water Turbine  more>

Mini - Hydro Power Plants

EnerFab (Pvt) Limited
is the sole agents for GUGLER Water Turbines in Sri Lanka and   offers the entire range of Hydro Power equipment and services for design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing for all heads and outputs covering all types of turbines in both Horizontal and Vertical orientation.

GUGLER is one of the world’s technological leading suppliers of water turbines (Kaplan-, Pelton- and Francis Turbines) with an output ranging between 5 kW to 10 MW.

Projects in Progress

December 2009

Aitken Spence Power signs for Hydro turbines from GUGLER Water Turbines for one of its Minihydro Power development sites. Enerfab is assigned with the installation of machinery and the local technical support.

March 2010

The company Bogo Power Pvt.Ltd (A holding company of the Stssern Group) has awarded Gugler Water Turbines a turnkey contract for the supply of (3) three Francis turbines with an installed capacity of 4.5 MW, including all required electromechanical equipment for the new hydropower project Kirkoswald in Sri Lanka.

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